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Norwood Lodge is a strong active Lodge due to a merger of now five Lodges - Norwood #576, Winton #614, Carthage #573, Linwood #567 and Hyde Park #589. There is currently the history for Norwood, Carthage, and Linwood available for download, but do not have a written history of Winton Lodge or Hyde Park at this time

Individual Lodge History

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Norwood Lodge 576 Historical Photo
Norwood Lodge 576 Historical Photo
Norwood Lodge 576 Historical Photo


With the closing of the Sacred Volume and the opening of the door,
Think not our Lodge has ended, but think what has gone before.
Remember all those worthy men and from wence they came,
Those who developed love, and skill, and worked in friendships name.

When you solemnly take our working tools and gently lay them aside
Do not think their work has ended; but think how they were applied.
Remember well the lessons taught, to craftsmen tried and true,
Of Masons worthy of the name and aprons white and blue.

When the Trestle Board is covered and the columns laid to rest,
Don't think our teachings have ended think more of lessons blessed
Remember the special meaning to Master Masons all,
Of birth, and life, and learning, and waiting for the call.

With the last sounding of the gavel, and at last the lights go out,
Think not our Lodge has ended, and dispel all lingering doubt.
To the Master, Wardens, Brethen all, remember as we part,
That Norwood Lodge #576 will live forever,
In every members heart

It is the overwhelming spirit of Brotherly Love that makes Norwood Lodge as Great as it is!

S. Kenneth Baril, Copyright 2016